Breeding evaluation of newly stabilized lines of maize

V. Valkova
Abstract. General Combining Ability (GCA) and Specific Combining Ability (SCA) of sixteen newly stabilized early maize lines were evaluated by Savchenko’s method (1978). The lines were tested in five testers by different genetic groups, possessing established high general combining ability. For testing of productive capacity of the resulting F1 topcross crosses three preliminary variety trials were carried out in the experimental field of the Maize Research Institute, Knezha. The experimental work was carried out in the period of 2009–2011, under conditions without irrigation and plant density 52000 plant/ha. As a result of these experiments, inbred lines with high GCA are pointed out (KC 08 23 and KC 08 27), which are recommended as components of new synthetic populations. The highest is the SCA of inbred lines KC 08 31, KC 08 32 and XM 08 3. These inbreds may be used in heterosis programs for new high yield hybrid creation. Two of the lines (XM 08 1 and KC 08 24) have both high GCA and SCA and can be used in corresponding breeding programs.