Chemical surface disinfection of funnel type fish egg incubators

A. Atanasov, N. Rusenova,Y. Staykov, G. Nikolov, A. Pavlov, D. Stratev, E. Raichev

Abstract. Different procedures and disinfectants are currently used to disinfect in aquaculture for preventing transmission of diseases and reducing problems with bacterial overgrowth in intensive egg incubation systems. The effect of two disinfectants and one anionic detergent on fish egg incubator funnel type was investigated. The fish egg incubators were disinfected for 20 min using various concentrations of glutaraldehyde (10000 mg L−1), sodium percarbonate (25000 mg L−1) and detergent surfactant (20000 mg L−1). Bactericidal effect of disinfection, survival of hatching and hatching success were assessed. Effective disinfection was also recorded using apparatus Hy-lite2®Merck. Disinfection had a highly positive effect on the viability of yolk-sac larvae. Because of the low effect of sodium percarbonate and anionic detergent, glutaraldehyde is recommended for routine disinfection of fish egg incubator surface.