Clean wool colour and fatty acid content of semi fine wool

D. Pamukova

The purpose of the present investigation was to compare the clean wool colour and the fatty acid composition of semi fine wool. The
investigation was performed on 93 individual samples (from the shoulder, the back and the thigh) of 31 fleeces obtained from industrial batches of semi fine wool originating from Bulgaria, The Republic of Macedonia and The Netherlands. For shoulder, back and leg samples, the greasy wool colour, the staple length and the dirt percentage were determined. For shoulder samples, the clean wool colour, the total lipids in wool grease and its fatty acid composition were additionally determined. The lowest colour index, measured on full-length staple, was that of Dutch wool (34.86). Similar colour index was obtained for Bulgarian (50.43) and Macedonian (51.57) wool batches. After removal of the dirty area, Dutch wool exhibited the lowest colour index again (29.86), followed by Macedonian (38.54) and Bulgarian (42.51) samples. The greasy wool colour (except for yellow-coloured wool) could not be used as a reliable criterion for prediction of clean wool colour.