Comparative investigations on feeding efficiency in growing and fattening DanBred and Topigs hybrid pigs

G. Ganchev, A. Ilchev
Abstract. A balance trial was performed with two groups of Topigs hybrid pigs (n=4) and DanВred hybrid pigs (n=4). Each trial was of 10-day duration (5 days preliminary and 5 day experimental period, during which urine and faeces were collected). The pigs were fed total mix rations prepared in the Experimental base. DanBred hybrid pigs were fed in compliance to Nutrients Standards for pigs in Denmark, 12-th edition, Copenhagen, July 2005. Feeding of Topigs hybrid pigs was done according to recommendations of Guideline for feeding Topigs sows (Topigs International, BV, 2001). Over the entire fattening period, DanBred hybrid pigs exhibited a higher daily nitrogen retention compared to Topigs pigs – by 5.5% on the average. Because of the higher nutrition norms during the different fattening stages DanBred pigs consumed more expensive compound feeds – by 10% on the average. The average costs for lean meat gain produced from Topigs pigs were by 8% lower than those from DanBred pigs. Provided that the other production costs in farms are identical, the rearing of Topigs hybrid pigs was evaluated as more profitable.