Comparative morphological study of new burley tobacco lines

T. Radoukova, Y.Dyulgerski
Abstract. The variation degree of the basic morphological characteristics in 15 new perspective lines of the Burley tobacco variety group was established and analyzed. Detailed morphological characteristic of the studied tobacco samples was developed. For the plant height, leaf number and size, the differences between the studied lines are in statistical error, which is an indication of breeding success. The highest variability of the descriptive characteristics was established for the flower panicle width and the size of the leaf auricle). Referring to descriptive characteristics, the greatest diversity in the studied lines was reported for the shape and surface of the leaf blade, as well as for the angle of leaf divergence from the stem. The developed morphological characteristics showed that all the studied lines had optimal quantitative and qualitative characteristics complying with the requirements to Burley tobacco variety group.