Cultivation of Scenedesmus dimorphus strain for biofuel production

K. Velichkova, I. Sirakov, G. Georgiev
Abstract. Microalgae have several advantages, including higher photosynthetic efficiency as well as higher growth rates and higher biomass production compared to other energy crops. The Scenedesmus dimorphus strain was studied by using two media – BBM and 3N-BBM, and its potential for biofuel production was established. The temperature varied between 25 – 27ºC during the experiment. Fluorescent light was used to assure optimal light condition and a photoperiod of 15/9h light and dark cycle was maintained.The duration of the experiment was 25 days. Dry weight, optical density, chlorophyll, carotenoids and total lipids were measured for the biomass evaluation. The received results showed that the maximum vegetative growth was reached after approximately 16 days of incubation. The maximum growth rate during this period was 1.690 mg.l -1 dry weight in 3N-BBM medium, and in BBM medium – 0.960 mg.l -1. The lipid content which we received from the examined strain was 21.6% in BBM medium, and in 3N-BBM – 18.5%.