Effect of breed upon blood lysozyme and complement activity in different sheep breeds

L. Sotirov, Ts. Koynarski, V. Semerdjiev, D. Dimov, S. Laleva, P. Slavova, M. Iliev, D. Yarkov
Abstract. To determine the effect of sheep breed upon blood serum lysozyme and complement activities, 432 blood samples were collected from the following sheep breeds: Mouton Charollais, Ile de France, Trakia Merino, milk crosses, White Maritsa, Patch-faced Maritsa, Karnobat local, Pleven Blackhead and Stara Zagora (48 sheep from each breed). The animals were reared at the Agricultural Institute – Stara Zagora, the Agricultural Institute – Karnobat and private farms. The highest alternative pathway of complement activation (APCA) activity was observed in Ile de France sheep (p<0.01), and the lowest in milk crosses reared at the Agricultural Institute – Stara Zagora. Blood lysozyme concentrations exhibited the opposite trend: highest values in milk crosses (p<0.01), and lowest in White Maritsa and Ile de France sheep