Effect of coconut oil on rumen and duodenal ammonia concentrations and some blood biochemistry parameters in yearling rams

V. Radev, T. Slavov, E. Enev, I. Varlyakov

Abstract. The purpose of the study was to investigate the effect of supplementing coconut oil to the ration of small ruminants upon the digestive processes in the rumen and duodenum and on blood proteins levels in lambs. Nine male Blackhead Pleven yearling rams were used in the experiment. The experimental design included two periods. During the first period, the first group of yearling rams received a ration of 1 kg barley and 1 kg grass hay; the second group – 0.800 kg barley, 0,200 kg sunflower meal and 1 kg grass hay, and the third group 0.800 kg barley, 0.200 kg sunflower expeller and 1 kg grass hay/ During the experimental period, 0.02 kg coconut oil was applied via cannulae at the time of the morning feeding in all three groups. The supplementation of coconut oil to ration I increased rumen ammonia content in animals before feeding (р<0.05). Adding coconut oil to rations did not alter the duodenal ammonia concentrations. Blood total protein in animals varied between 79.85 tо 93.42 g/l in all groups and study periods.