Effect of the feeding of products stimulating the development of bee colonies

R. Shumkova, I. Zhelyazkova
Abstract. The study was conducted in the spring and autumn of 2011 at the Experimental apiary of the Agricultural and Stockbreeding Experimental Station (ASES), Smolyan and at the private apiary of Mitev’s bee farm, Smolyan. For stimulating feeding of the bee colonies are used products “Vita Feed Gold”, “Ecophil-P”, “Apidas”, “Oligofosi” and “Anolyte -7”. To each family are provided a total of 5 l of sugar syrup for the individual periods (spring and autumn), 500 ml are given in the feeding troughs of hives at intervals of 2–3 days. The measurements of the studied indications are done with a measuring frame (size 5 x 5 squares cm) in 12 days. Some parameters are: strength of bee colonies (kg); volume of sealed worker brood and egg productivity of queen bees (number of cells). During the spring test a clear positive impact of “Vita Feed Gold” and “Apidas” is found. The influence of the other detergents for stimulating individual apiaries is comparable to that of the control feeding only with sugar solution. The results obtained during the autumn period of the study show that the specified values for strength of bee colonies fed with “Apidas” and “Anolyte -7” are 125.26% and 131.58% higher than this indicator in the control group. For the amount of sealed worker brood were recorded higher values for the bee colonies that received “Anolyte -7” (125.47%), “Apidas” (110.56%) and “Vita Feed Gold” (111,3% ) compared to the control. The results show that “Ecophil-P” and “Oligofosi” do not have clear stimulating effect on the development of colonies in both periods of the study.