Fatty acid composition of yogurt supplemented with walnut extract

S. Boycheva, N. Naydenova, G. Mihaylova, T. Dimitrov, D. Pavlov
Abstract. The present study aimed to monitor the changes in fatty acid composition of yogurt supplemented with ground walnut extract and stored over 10 days. Fatty acid content of raw and pasteurized milk, of 24-hour yogurt and 10-day yogurt (stored at 4oC) was assayed. Total saturated fatty acid content of experimental samples of milk was lower while that of unsaturated fatty acids was higher as compared to control milk, 24-hour and 10-day yogurt samples. Assayed fatty acids exhibited higher differences between control and experimental samples with regard to polyunsaturated (С18:2 and С18:3) fatty acids. The total saturated fatty acid content in pasteurized milk with walnut extract decreased by 11.2% compared to raw milk, while remaining unaltered in natural pasteurized milk. Pasteurized milk with walnuts exhibited higher polyunsaturated fatty acid content – 2.6 times vs natural and almost 3 times higher than raw milk. Yogurt containing walnut extract contained by 19.25% more unsaturated fatty acids and by 2.3 times more polyunsaturated fatty acids as compared to natural yogurt. During storage of produced yogurt for 10 days, the amount of С18:3 decreased by 46.8% in the yogurt containing walnut extract and by 34.4% in natural yogurt.