Influence of the farmiing, soil cultivation and Fertilization on the yield of wheat

M. Nankov, L. Glogova
Abstract. Experience was taken for 50years of typical chernozem soil type in the experimental Field of the Maize Research Institute – Kneja. The study take in period 2000-2010 year. The cultivation of wheat in the unit with maize has positive effect on performance mass 1000 grains, hectoliter weight and grain yield. Compared to monoculture wheat grain yield increased with 16, 69%. Deepening of plowing in monoculture wheat has no effect on quantity of grain yield to plowing to 10-12sm (A2). The differences between the test variants are minimal and do not prove mathematically. Fertilization has positive effect on performance mass 1000 grains and grain yield. Compared variants without fertilization, grain yield increases with 1228 kg/ha for A1, 880kg/ha for A2, 953 kg/ha for A3, 804 kg/ha for A4 and 908 kg/ha for A5 and is proved in the mathematical LSD- 0,1%.