Investigations of the macrozoobethos in Burgas Bay (Black Sea)

E. Petrova, St. Stoykov

Abstract: The authors present studies of the zoobenthos in the Burgas Bay (Black Sea). The zoobenthos samples were taken by a determined scheme in connection with the construction of the Burgas – Alexandroupolis pipeline. The geographic location of the Bourgas Bay defines it as the deepest bay along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Its waters are vulnerable to potential oil spills and winds from the east, which will impact on benthic organisms. During the investigations 55 macrozoobenthos species were established distributed in four main groups: Polychaeta, Mollusca, Crustacea and “Diversa”. The total average abundance in the research area was 325 ind/m2 built mainly by the Polychaeta group and average biomass of 170 gr/m2. The general role in its construction is that of the molluscs