Meat yield of stone crayfish Austropotamobius torrentium (Schrank, 1803)

T. Hubenova, A. Zaikov, I. Piskov, I. Iliev

Abstract. Study on stone crayfish meat yield was conducted on 150 specimens, 87 male and 63 female divided by sex into two weight groups. It was established that the claws meat yield in relation to the body weight of male crayfish is 9.59% and 12.2%, and for females 4.26% and 5.37% for the separate weight groups, respectively. Claws meat yield for male crayfish is significantly higher comparing to females for both studied weight groups, 125.1% and 127.18% (p<0.001***), respectively. In total for all crayfish the meat in the males’ claws constitutes 11.51%±1.99% of the body weight, and for females 4.4% ±1.36%, i.e. it is significantly higher. Difference in the relative ratio of abdomen meat for male and female crayfish was insignificant, as for weight group I (up to 20 g) it is 6.17%, and for weight group II (over 20 g) it is 17.2% in favour of the males. Based on all surveyed male crayfish was established that the meat in the abdomen takes on average 11.39%±1.56% of the body weight, and for females this percentage is slightly higher, but the difference is insignificant. In total for all crayfish the relative meat yield for males takes on average 22.9%±2.36% of the body weight, while for females its average value is significantly lower –  14.97%±2,78%. The reason for this is its larger amount both in absolute and relative values in the males’ claws.