Nondestructive (NIRS) determination of some technological traits of Bombyx mori L. cocoons

M. Panayotov, S. Atanassova, S. Petrova
Abstract. Populations of silkworms of the BACSA х SVILA hybrid have been reared and the basic technological traits characterising productivity of Bombyx mori L. have been determined (cocoon weight, silk shell weight, filament weight, shell ratio and silk ratio). Cocoons have been analysed nondesctructively by measuring diffuse reflection by NIRQuest 512 spectrophotometer. Spectral data have been processed and equations have been obtained for quantitative determination of the studied technological parameters through PLS regression. A relationship has been found between the analysed traits and the cocoon spectrum in the near infrared region. The best expressed is the relationship between cocoon spectrum and the traits silk ratio, cocoon weight and silk shell weight – the obtained correlation ration is greater than 0,80. As a result of the study it has been established that near infrared spectroscopy facilitates quick and nondestructive analysing and obtaining valuable and useful information for sericuture science and practice.