Occurrence of grapevine leafroll-associated virus complex in the Republic of Macedonia

E. Kostadinovska*, S. Mitrev, I. Karov

1Department of Plant and Environmental Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, Goce Delcev University, Krste Misirkov, 2000 Stip, Republic of Macedonia

Abstract. Grapevine Leafroll-Associated Virus Complex is caused by several virus species (grapevine leafroll-associated viruses GLRaV -1, -3, -4, -5, -6, -9 and -10) belonging to the genus Ampelovirus, while GLRaV-2 is assigned to the genus Closterovirus. Because of its increasing economic importance, it is criticaltodeterminewhichspeciesofGLRaVare predominantineachregioninMacedoniawherethisdiseaseoccurs.Thelaboratorytestanalysesusedin this study consisted of a combination of two detection methods: serological test (DAS-ELISA) and RT-PCR based testing. The total number of 387 grapevine symptomaticsamplesfrom17regionsincluding27localities,weresurveyedfrom2008to2013. AllofthesesamplesweretestedforGLRaV-1,-2,-3,and-7, byusingBIOREBAandSEDIAGDAS-ELISAkits,andtheresultsshowedthat55.9%(215samples)wereGLRaVpositive. Outofthepositivesamples,69.7% (150 samples) were single infections with GLRaV-3, 15.5% were single infections with GLRaV-1, and 14.8% were mixed infections with GLRaV-3 and GLRaV- 1. Ten representative positive samples were analyzed with reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) tests for GLRaV-1, GLRaV-2 and GLRaV-3. This is the first occurrence of Grapevine Leafroll-Associated Virus Complex, including GLRaV-1, GLRaV-2 GLRaV-3 and GLRaV-7 in the Republic of Macedonia.