Polymorphism of storage proteins in malting barley lines developed at Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute – General Toshevo

G. Mihova, D. Yordanova, D. Valcheva, S. Doneva, I. Ivanova

Abstract. . Prolamins are the main part of proteins in the endosperm of cereals. These prolamins are called hordeins in barley and constitute about 40 % of all proteins. In relation to the European requirements for varietal identification, the polymorphism of storage proteins of all lines included in varietal testing is being investigated at Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute (DAI). The aim of the present study was to investigate the allelic variability in the hordein-coding loci Hor 1, Hor 2 and Hor 3 in promising malting barley lines developed at DAI. The observed polymorphism covered about 35 % of the variability in the UPOV catalogue (2003). Highest variation was observed in C hordeins, followed by the B fraction. Three out of five D hordein alleles were identified. The possibilities of using the polymorphism established in this study for improving the brewing qualities of barley were investigated.