Profile of lavender oil from second harvest

G. Zhekova, N. Nedkov

Abstract. In 2010 years in Institute for roses and aromatic plants was made first analysis of lavender oil from second yield. The results have shown that obtained oil correspond to BDS/ISO 3515:2005 for Lavender oil. The investigated oil is easy moving, light yellow liquid with typical blossom’s smell with light grassy and camphoric notes. Its gas chromatography profile is characteristic of lavender oil. The oil of second yield keeps the rates of linalool and linalylacetate near to this of the first’s yield oil respectively 19.46% and 32.46%. α-pinene, camphene, cis-β-ocimene, 1,8 cineole, 3-octanon and trans- β-ocimene increase while mircene, lavandulol and α-terpineol decrease. The main difference, which brings intensification of grassy, camphoric notes, is terpinen – 4 ol and camphor increasing. The shown variations don’t affect to lavender oil’s quantity from second harvest and it can be use successfully for mixture with another lavender oil and directly in perfumery.