Reproductive performance of weaning saws after treatment with Fertipig®

S. Dimitrov, G. Bonev
Abstract. The aim of this study was to examine the efficacy of hormonal treatment of lactating sows with a combination of 400 UI PMSG and 200 UI hCG one day before weaning. The treatment with Fertipig of a total of 88 sows induced estrus with an average period of 4.54±0.64 days after injection. It was established that the interval from the injection to the beginning of estrus had no significant effect on the main reproductive parameters. The animals with estrus up to 5 days after hormonal treatment had low percent of farrowing rate in comparison with sows showing estrus after 5 days – 87.80% and 93.61%, respectively. The significant effect was found in the sow’s parity number regarding live born piglets. More piglets were obtained from animals with up to 6 parities – 11.00±1.51 in comparison with sows with over 6 parities – 10.15±2.22 (р< 0.05). This factor does not have significant influence on the time of estrus appearance after hormonal injection and other reproductive parameters. This hormonal therapy is an effective way to improve the reproductive performance on commercial pig farms.