Slaughtering analysis and chemical composition of rabbits – hybrids

A.Kuzelov, E. Atanasova, T. Angelkova

Abstract. This study shows the results from examining the portion of the main parts and internal organs in the carcass of rabbits. A total of 22 rabbits of mixed breed (Californian and New Zealand rabbits) were examined of which 11 male, 11 female. The average live mass of the rabbits was 2 462 ± 0,15 g male and 2 472 ± 0,17 g female. Carcass with head in male animals averaged 1,373 ± 0,12 kg and female animals 1,382 ± 0,15 kg. Regarding the main categories of meat the largest participation in the carcass showed the pelvic-thigh part while the smallest showed the neck-breast part. The female rabbits achieved higher scores of mass in the pelvic-thigh part for 30 g and 26 g in the neck-breast part.The chemical composition of meat shows that in male animals contain more water, fat, protein and mineral substances.