Study of a zeolite-water experimental refrigeration module intended for animal raising

R. Georgiev, K. Peichev, A. Pavlov, K.Trendafilov, G. Dineva, I. Binev
Abstract. A laboratory adsorption cooling module was developed. The module is designed to operate on ecological materials: zeolite and water. The authors of this publication set the following objectives: designing and construction of a fully functioning adsorption refrigeration module thermally powered by a solar collector system and study of the dynamics of temperature parameters defining the cooling and condensation processes in the adsorption refrigeration module. Its potentials for cooling (air conditioning) were investigated. In the zone of the evaporator, refrigerant temperatures in the range of 1–5 °C were obtained for 6.5 hours. During cooling (adsorption) temperature of the zeolite rose by 8.5 °C. For desorption of water vapour (refrigerant) heat from thermal solar systems 78÷80 °С was used.