Study on vegetative and generative manifestations as well as yield from glasshouse tomatoes when foliar fertilizers are applied

N. Valchev, S. Masheva
Abstract. With aim optimization of nutritive regime of glasshouse tomatoes supplementing the mineral nutrition by using foliar fertilizers an experiment was carried out in which on the background of basic fertilization with double superphosphate, potassium sulphate and ammonium nitrate through the vegetation, tomatoes were foliar fertilized with Hortigrow, Phytona-Pheromag, Phytona 1, Solifid Universal and Solifid Fructo. It was found out that foliar fertilization improves vegetative development of tomatoes, stimulates flower formation and increases fructification of the plants. The highest effect was obtained in fertilization with Hortigrow (3 kg/ha), or a mixture of Solifid Fructo (3,5 kg/ha) and Solifid Universal (3,5 kg/ha). In comparison with the plants which were not foliar fertilized, the number of flowers was increased by 20 – 24.3% and fructification by 5.5 – 6.5%. Both were increased tomato yield by 36.5 – 41.6% and the content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the fruits.