Sulfo technology for multiplication of sunflower hybrids resistant to tribenuron metil-based herbicides

C. Melucă, N. Pîrvu, T. Nistor, R. Sturzu, A. Stoilova
Abstract. Certain experiments with sunflower hybrids realized through Sulfo technology, resistant to tribenuron methyl 75% based herbicides were performed at Agricultural Research and Development Station(ARDS)Teleorman, Romania. There is a response to the hypothesis that the herbicide application (4–6 real leaves) when night temperatures (after application) are lower than 12°C could provoke higher damages at green tissue level. Damages were registered of 6.5–11.8% and decreased to 0.8–5.6% when temperatures were higher than 12°C. The yielding ability of these sunflower hybrids is not affected as compared to the conventional check hybrid Favorit, its level was, on three year average, of 3652–4985 kg/ha, versus 3735 kg/ha achieved by the Favorit hybrid. It may emphasize that the hybrid Toro showed the highest gain in yield versus the check hybrid Favorit (1250 kg/ha, respectively 33.5%). The yielding ability of the hybrid Toro exceeded by 774 kg/ha (11.8%) the yield achieved by the hybrid PR 64 LE20 (Pioneer registration).