Genetics and Breeding

Knezha 461 – A new maize hybrid from the middle early group
N. Petrovska, V. Valkova

Evaluation of powdery mildew resistance in various melon (Cucumis melo L.) genotypes
Zh. Ivanova, K. Vasileva, N. Velkov, S. Grozeva

Study on the continuity of farmer`s breeding activity with Patch Faced Maritza sheep breed
P. Zhelyazkova, V. Petrova, D. Dimov

Genetic diversity at four Nigerian sheep breeds assessed by variation of albumin and carbonic anhydrase in cellulose acetate electrophoretic systems
O.H. Osaiyuwu, M.O. Akinyemi, A.E. Salako, O.K. Awobajo

Nutrition and Physiology

Laying performance and cost-benefits of feeding brown laying hens with raw or processed tropical sickle pod (Senna obtusifolia) seed meal based-diets
C. Augustine, I.D. Kwari, J.U. Igwebuikwe, S.B. Adamu, C.I. Medugu, D.I. Mojaba

Effect of diets with raw garlic flour on growth performance and blood parameters in rabbits
M.U. Onyekwere, P.C. Jiwuba, U.N. Egu

Production Systems

Grain yield response of some agronomy practices on contemporary common winter wheat cultivars (Triticum aestivum L.)
M. Nankova, A. Atanasov

Productivity and yield stability at late treatment of durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) with antibroadleaved herbicides
II. Influence at treatment during 2-nd stem node stage
Gr. Delchev, M. Delcheva

Effect of conservation agriculture on grain yield and income of maize under maize based cropping system in far western Nepal
H.K. Prasai, Sh.K. Sah, A.K. Gautam, A.P.Regmi

Influence of foliar feeding of common wheat varieties on the nutritional value of the grain
A. Stoyanova, G. Ganchev, V. Kuneva

Effects of nitrogen doses on growth and some nutrient element uptake of sunflower (Helianthus Annuus L.) hybrids
G. Ören, H. Çelik

Effectiveness of Oxalis bee and Ecostop for prophylaxis and control of varroosis in honey bees (Apis mellifera L.)
I. Zhelyazkova, S. Lazarov

Agriculture and Environment

Effect of wheat straw and cellulose degrading fungi of genus Trichoderma on soil respiration and cellulase, betaglucosidase and soil carbon content
D. Draganova, I. Valcheva, Y. Kuzmanova, M. Naydenov

Antioxidant properties and phytochemicals of three brown macro algae from the Dardanelles (Çanakkale) Strait
A.K. Ilknur, G. Turker

Product Quality and Safety

Proximate composition, lipid quality and heavy metals content in the muscle of two carp species
A. Merdzhanova, V. Panayotova, D.A. Dobreva, K. Peycheva

Quantity and quality of wool yolk in Caucasian Merino rams
D. Pamukova, G. Staykova, N. Stancheva