Volume 2, Number 2, June 2010

Genetics and Breeding

Influence of various cryoprotectants on the sperm mobility of Muscovy semen before and after cryopreservation

V. Gerzilov

Adaptive possibility and yield stability of varieties oil-bearing roses

N. Kovatcheva, K. Rusanov, I. Atanasov

Nutrition and Physiology

Shelter Policies in the Management of Canine Aggression

A. Arnaudova, I. Varlyakov

Production Systems

Daily dynamics of the essential oils of Rosa damascena Mill. and Rosa alba L.

A. Dobreva, N. Kovacheva

Effectiveness of the Insecticide “MIDO 20 SL” in the Fight with the Green Rose Aphids Populations /Macrosiphum Rosae L./

H. Lambev

Potassium fertilization on cotton

G. Panayotova, N. Valkova

Agriculture and Environment

Mechanism-based category formation of aldehydes for acute aquatic toxicity and mutagenicity

Y. Koleva

Microbial communities in areas affected by formation of calcrete in thracian plane

S. Bratkova, K. Nikolova, K. Gesheva

An approach for Fusarium diseased corn kernels recognition using linear discrete models

P. Daskalov, V. Mancheva, T. Draganova, R. Tsonev

Quality and Safety

Gas-chromatography and organoleptic analysis of the essential oil of Agastache foeniculum

G. Zhekova, A. Dzhurmanski, A. Dobreva

Comparative studies on the fatty acid composition of White brined cheese, marketed in the town of Stara Zagora

N. Naydenova, K. Davidova, T. Iliev, G. Mihaylova