Genetics and Breeding

Effect of age at first calving on the evaluation of breeding potential of dairy cattle and its correlation to test day productivity

Zh. Gergovska, L. Yordanova

Genetic Polymorphism of alpha-s1 casein gene in Bulgarian sheep breeds

D. Hristova

Non-hormonal synchronization of estrus in West Balkan Mountain sheep

K. Nedelkov, N. Todorov, A. Kolev, T. Marinkov

Complement activity in Bulgarian local sheep related to season and breed

L. Sotirov, V. Semerdjiev, Ts. Maslev, M. Iliev, G. Gerchev, I. Yankov, Ts. Koinarski, Ts.Hristova

Production Systems

Influence of some growth regulators on energy efficiency of spring pea (Pisum sativum L) cultivated for fresh biomass

N. Georgieva, I. Nikolova, D. Pavlov , T. Zhelyazkova, Y. Naydenova

Theoretical determination of the width of strip for turning when ploughing with a traditional plough in a field with irregular shape

K. Trendafilov

Morphological and productive characteristics of Rhaponticum carthamoides Iljin

A. Dzhurmanski

Quality and Safety

Investigation on stabilization of riboflavin in the presence of cyclodextrins

B. Zhekova, G. Dobrev

Identification of Mastitis Pathogens in Rabbit Milk by Near Infrared Spectroscopy and SIMCA Classification Method

S. Atanassova, D. Prakasam, S. Isloor, R.M.Vasu

Study of milk composition in sheep of Pleven black head breed

D. Panayotov, T. Iliev, N. Naydenova, D. Pamukova, M. Simeonov

Agriculture and Environment

Estimation of several soil properties by near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy

M.Todorova, S. Atanassova, H. Longer, D. Pavlov

Correlation between soil characteristics and zinc content in the aboveground biomass of Virginia tobacco

L. Dospatliev

Medicinal plants in Tended Nature Reserve „Atanasovsko ezero”

N. Grozeva, Tch. Miteva, N. Nedyalkova