Genetics and Breeding

Selection of oil-bearing rose in Bulgaria – tendencies and perspective

N. Kovatcheva

Combining ability of mutant maize line. I. Number of rows in the ear

M. Ilchovska

Freezing of day 5 and 6 sheep and goat embryos of Greek breeds

A. Pampukidou, M. Avdi, R. Ivanova, T. Alifakiotis

Investigation on some seed characteristics among sunflower lines and hybrids

M. Drumeva, N. Nenova, E. Penchev

Determination of coloured horses raised in Turkey

O. Yilmaz, M. Ertugrul

Nutrition and Physiology

Effects of different levels of dietary digestible amino acids on nitrogen retention and excretion in Topigs pig hybrids

A. Ilchev, G. Ganchev

Development of the caecal microbiota in rabbits weaned at different age

B. Bivolarski, G. Beev, S. Denev, E. Vachkova, T. Slavov

Consumption of dissolved oxygen in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

I. Sirakov, Y. Staykov , G. Djanovski

Effect of coconut oil on rumen and duodenal ammonia concentrations and some blood biochemistry parameters in yearling rams

V. Radev, T. Slavov, E. Enev, I. Varlyakov

Pharmacokinetics of tiamulin and chlortetracycline after application of Tetramutin-premix in pigs

D. Dimitrova V. Кatsarov, D. Dimitrov, D. Tsoneva

Production Systems

Research effect of application of herbicides raft 400 SC for growing of lavender

D. Angelova, H. Lambev

Defining the critical kinematic parameters of rotary harrow with vertical axis of rotation

D. Guglev

Development and experimental study of the maximum temperature potential of a solar thermal module for driving of an absorption air-conditioning machine

K. Peychev, R. Georgiev

Histometrical investigation on the turkey broiler’s third eyelid (Harderian) gland

D. Dimitrov

Study of the tolerance of alfalfa varieties (Medicago Sativa L) to Sitona species (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

I. Nikolova, N. Georgieva

Productive performance and quality of essential oil from oil bearing rose (Rosa damascena mill) for use of oxadiargyl

D. Angelova

Study of the thermal efficiency of a solar thermal module at different mounting angles

R. Georgiev, K. Peychev

Behavior of apple rootstock M9 produced by somatic organogenesis in stoolbed

G. Dobrevska

Agriculture and Environment

Effect of experimentally polluted water on the stomatal and structural characteristics on the leaves of two varieties of Triticum aestivum L. grown on different soil types

K. Velichkova, D. Pavlov, D. Ninova

Ecological assessment of Cr (VI) concentrations in the surface waters of Stara Zagora Region used in agriculture

N. Georgieva, Z. Yaneva, D. Dermendzhieva, V. Kotokova

Effect of shooting on the structure of population of golden jackal (Canis аureus L.) in Sarnena Sredna gora mountain

E. Raichev

Product Quality and Safety

Chemical surface disinfection of funnel type fish egg incubators

A. Atanasov, N. Rusenova,Y. Staykov, G. Nikolov, A. Pavlov, D. Stratev, E. Raichev

Fatty acid composition of common carp, rainbow trout and grey mullet fish species

M. Stancheva, A. Merdzhanova