Lameness scoring systems for cattle in dairy farms

T. Penev

Genetics and Breeding

Body and carcass parameters of sea bream (Sparus aurata L.) and sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax L.)

M. Marinova, I. Sirakov, Y. Staykov, E. Ivancheva

Effect of breed upon blood lysozyme and complement activity in different sheep breeds

L. Sotirov, Ts. Koynarski, V. Semerdjiev, D. Dimov, S. Laleva, P. Slavova, M. Iliev, D. Yarkov

Winter wheat productivity under favorable and drought environments III. Effect of fertilization

A. Ivanova, N. Tsenov

Еvaluation of perspective sorghum breeding forms in their reaction to some diseases in field conditions

M. Georgieva – Andreeva, K. Tanova, S. Raykov

Nutrition and Physiology

Effect of dietary coconut oil supplementation oN some blood biochemical indices in yearling rams

Т. Slavov, V. Radev, K. Sivkova, I. Varlyakov

Pharmacokinetics of tilmicosin after oral application of Pulmotil G 200 – premix in pigs

Dimitrova, V. Katsarov, D. Dimitrov, D. Tsoneva

Epidermal growth factor content in rabbit doe milk during the different lactation stages

Vachkova, B. Bivolarski

Intraorbital glands in turkey broilers. III. Lacrimal gland histometry

D. Dimitrov

Effect of body condition score at calving on body condition during lactation in Holstein and Brown Swiss cows

Zh. Gergovska, T. Angelova, D. Yordanova, Zh. Krastanov, Ch. Miteva

Use of brewer’s grains for feeding of lambs

A. Kirilov, K. Ivanov

Production Systems

The effect of the milking liner design on the parameters of the milking machine pulsation system

V. Vlashev, B. Banev, K. Peichev, G. Dineva

Accumulation dynamic of Ruta graveolens L. essential oil

A. Dzhurmanski, G. Zhekova, D. Angelova

Research on the water regimen of soil upon the production of vine planting material

N. Kovachev, N. Taneva, V. Kovachev, L. Halil

Agriculture and Environment

Influence of the farmiing, soil cultivation and Fertilization on the yield of wheat

M. Nankov, L. Glogova

Study on the applicability of a natural geomaterial for mononitrophenol removal from simulated agricultural run-off water

Z. Yaneva, B. Koumanova, N. Georgieva

Comparative technical and economic analysis of variants for cleaning and storage of manure on a farm for 108 – 120 dairy 359 cows

V. Dimova, D. Dinev, Y. Popova, Y. Mitev

Distribution of the black mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis (L.) along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast

E. Petrova, St. Stoykov

Toxicity of plant protection products towards the imago of Encarsia Formosa Gah.

V. Yankova, S. Masheva, B. Boev, K. Toskov

Effect of the rhizobacterium Bacillus subtilis on the development of the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne arenaria at 378 different temperatures

M. Mohamedova, H. Samaliev

Product Quality and Safety

Fatty acid composition of yogurt supplemented with walnut extract

S. Boycheva, N. Naydenova, G. Mihaylova, T. Dimitrov, D. Pavlov

Near Infrared Spectroscopy for monitoring changes during yellow cheese ripening

S. Atanassova, N. Naydenova, T. Kolev, T. Iliev, G. Mihaylova

Short communications

Mechanical correction the traction weight of the wheeled tractor traction weight

D. Irinchev

Possibilities for increasing the yield and quality of asters (Callistephus chinensis L.) cut flower

N. Miteva, O. Tafradziiski