Trends in battery cage husbandry systems for laying hens. Enriched cages for housing laying hens

H. Lukanov, D. Alexieva

Genetics and Breeding

Influence of environments on the amount and stability of grain yield in modern winter wheat cultivars I. Interaction and degree of variability

N. Tsenov, D. Atanasova

Variation of yield components in coriander (Coriandrum Sativum L.)

N. Dyulgerov, B. Dyulgerova

Nutrition and Physiology

Plant cell walls fiber component analysis and digestibility of birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus L.) in the vegetation

Y. Naydenova, A. Kyuchukova, D. Pavlov

Functional properties of maltitol

V. Dobreva, M. Hadjikinova, A. Slavov, D.Hadjikinov, G. Dobrev, B. Zhekova

Food spectrum of grey mullet (Mugil cephalus L.) along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast

R. Bekova, G. Raikova-Petrova, D. Gerdzhikov, E. Petrova, V. Vachkova, D. Klisarova

Metabolic and enzymatic profile of sheep fed on forage treated with the synthetic pyrethroid Supersect 10 EC

R. Ivanova

Production Systems

Cultivation of Scenedesmus dimorphus strain for biofuel production

K. Velichkova, I. Sirakov, G. Georgiev

Study of the effect of soil trampling on the structural elements of yield and productivity of soybean

V. Sabev, S. Raykov, V. Arnaudov

Stability of herbicides and herbicide tank-mixtures at winter oilseed canola by influence of different meteorological conditions

G. Delchev

Screening of plant protection products against downy mildew on cucumbers (Pseudoperonospora Cubensis (Berkeley & M. A. Curtis) Rostovzev) in cultivation facilities

S. Masheva, N. Velkov, N. Valchev, V. Yankova

Efficacy and selectivity of vegetation-applied herbicides and their mixtures with growth stimulator Amalgerol premium at oil-bearing sunflower grown by conventional, Clearfield and ExpressSun technologies

G. Delchev

Agriculture and Environment

Manganese levels in water, sediment and algae from waterbodies with high anthropogenic impact

V. Atanasov, E. Valkova, G. Kostadinova, G. Petkov, Ts. Yablanski, P. Valkova, D. Dermendjieva

Seasonal and vertical dynamics of the water temperature and oxygen content in Kardzhali reservoir, Bulgaria

I. Iliev, L. Hadjinikolova

Condition and changes in types of natural pasture swards in the Sakar mountain under the influence of climatic and geographic factors

V. Vateva, K Stoеva, D. Pavlov

Product Quality and Safety

Comparative studies on the gross composition of White brined cheese and its imitations, marketed in the town of Stara Zagora

N. Naydenova, T. Iliev, G. Mihaylova, S. Atanasova

Effect of the environment on the quality of flour from common winter wheat cultivars

I. Stoeva, E. Penchev