Genetics and Breeding

Investigation on the possibility to efficiently use Ukrainian cultivars for developing of early winter wheat lines

I. Grain productivity

N. Tsenov, T. Petrova, E. Tsenova

Combinig ability for grain yield of late maize lines

N. Petrovska

Use of recurrent selection in middle late synthetic maize population

I. Results of the first cycle in synthetic “1/2005”

N. Petrovska, V. Valkova

Genetic diversity and distance between two Bulgarian local sheep breeds assessed by microsatellite markers

S. Georgieva, E. Todorovska, D. Hristova, I. Dimitrova, N. Stancheva, Ts. Yablanski

Testing of new Bulgarian sunflower hybrids under the conditions of North-East Bulgaria

I. Productivity and traits related to productivity

G. Georgiev, P. Peevska, E. Penchev

Comparative morphological study of new burley tobacco lines

T. Radoukova, Y.Dyulgerski

Effect of genotypic and environmental factors on the inheritance of the main characters in chickpea and relationships between them

R. Sturzu, T. Nistot, Cr. Melucă, Fl. Bodescu, A. Stoilova

Evaluation of double haploid lines of winter malting barley using selection indices

B. Dyulgerova, D. Valcheva

Evaluation of the combining ability of grain yield of mutant maize lines

M. Ilchovska

Comparative study of some biochemical indicators in Karakachan and Copper-Red Shumen sheep breeds

G. Angelov, I.Dimitrova, T. Mehmedov, P. Stamberov, N. Stancheva, S. Georgieva, Zh. Nakev

Nutrition and Physiology

Impaired pancreatic function in mulard ducks with experimental aflatoxicosis

I. Valchev, N. Grozeva, D. Kanakov, Ts. Hristov, L. Lazarov, R. Binev, Y. Nikolov

Comparative investigations on feeding efficiency in growing and fattening DanBred and Topigs hybrid pigs

G. Ganchev, A. Ilchev

Blood parameters in yearling sheep fed Paulownia (Paulownia spp.) leaves

I. Varlyakov, V. Radev, T. Slavov, G. Ganchev

Changes in some blood parameters in yearling rams fed diets with different protein and lipid levels

V. Radev, T. Slavov, I. Varlyakov

Production Systems

Effect of the sowing norm and nitrogen fertilization on the yield from dry bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cultivar Beslet

G. Milev

Evapotranspiration of corngrop for silage

R. Bazitov, A. Stoyanova

Productivity and economic traits of winter oilseed rape (Brassica napus var. biennis) under the conditions of Dobrudzha

G. Georgiev, G. Georgiev, P. Chamurliyski

Feasibility of the use of heat energy from alternative sources for air conditioning in sows facility

K. Peichev, R. Georgiev

Productivity of green beans, irrigated at different pre-irrigation soil moisture

R. Petrova, A. Matev, K. Koumanov, B. Harizanova-Petrova

Agriculture and Environment

Comparative assessment of plant resources as substrates for bioshlam production

Z. Shindarska, V. Kirov, G. Kostadinova, B. Baykov

The influence of organic carbon on bioremediation process of wastewater originate from aquaculture with use of microalgae from genera Botryococcus and Scenedesmus

I. Sirakov, K. Velichkova, G. Beev, Y. Staykov

Sanitary hygienic assessment of drinking water from underground source at a pig farm

G. Kostadinova

Product Quality and Safety

Study of bee honey by spectral analysis in the near infrared spectrum

I. Zhelyazkova, S. Atanasova , K. Elencheva – Karaneycheva

Comparative GC/MS analysis of lavender (Lavandula angustifolia Mill.) inflorescence and essential oil volatiles

T. Zagorcheva, S. Stanev, K. Rusanov, I. Atanassov

Influence of key factors on the time of initial coagulation of cow’s milk using milk-clotting enzyme of camel origin
P. Panayotov, K. Yoanidu, P. Boyanova, B. Milenk