Classical and modern concepts of inbreeding and effects of inbreeding depression in animals
S. Tanchev

Genetics and Breeding

Genotype by environment interaction in mutant lines of winter barley for grain yield
B. Dyulgerova, N. Dyulgerov

Genotype-environment interaction and stability analysis for grain yield of winter barley in the conditions of North-East and South Bulgaria
M. Dimitrova-Doneva, D. Valcheva, G. Mihova, B. Dyulgerova

Production Systems

Effect of predecessors on the productivity and phytosanitary condition of hull-less oats in organic farming
D. Atanasova, V. Maneva, T. Nedelcheva

Partial factor productivity of nitrogen fertilizer on grain and grain protein yield of durum wheat cultivars
G. Panayotova, S. Kostadinova

Influence of the dimensions of lifting brushes on the losses at direct harvesting of standing vine dry bean
I. Iliev, G. Milev

Energy productivity, fertilization rate and profitability of wheat production after various predecessors II. Profitability of wheat production
Z. Uhr, Е. Vasileva

Selectivity and stability of new herbicides and herbicide combinations for the seed yields of some field crops I. Effect at coriander (Coriandrum Sativum L.)
G. Delchev

Determination of some macro and micro elements in grain of winter barley genotypes
N. Markova Ruzdik, Lj. Mihajlov, V. Ilieva, S. Ivanovska, D. Valcheva, B. Balabanova, M.Ilievski

Agriculture and Environment

Effects of irrigation and fertilization on soil microorganisms
T. Dinev, I. Gospodinov, A. Stoyanova, G. Beev, D. Dermendzhieva, D. Pavlov

Investigation on some biotic factors in carp fish ponds
D. Terziyski, H. Kalcheva, A. Ivanova, R. Kalchev

Investigation of some energy characteristics of pig farm
P. Kostov, K. Atanasov, I. Ivanov, К. Peychev, R. Georgiev

Variability in the resistance to bacterial spot causal agents Xanthomonas euvesicatoria P and Xanthomonas vesicatoria PT2 among Bulgarian and introduced pepper varieties
T. Vancheva, S. Masheva, D. Ganeva, N. Bogatzevska

Comparative analysis for macro and trace elements content in goji berries between varieties from China and R. Macedonia
B. Balabanova, I. Karov, S. Mitrev

Product Quality and Safety

Extraction and characterization of anthocyanin colorants from plant sources
S. Dyankova, M. Doneva

Heavy metal content in the meat of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) and rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss W.), cultivated under different technologies
St. Stoyanova, I. Sirakov, K. Velichkova, Y. Staykov