Honey bees and their products as indicators of environmental pollution: A review
D. Salkova, M. Panayotova-Pencheva

Genetics and Breeding

Characterization of the Bulgarian sunflower hybrid Valin
G. Georgiev

Evaluation of the combining ability of mutant maize lines
V. Valkova, N. Petrovska

Evaluation of small size fruit peppers Capsicum annuum spp. microcarpum with cluster and factor analysis
V. Kuneva, M. Nikolova

Sensitivity of promising cherry hybrids and new cultivars to economically important fungal diseases
K. Vasileva, S. Malchev, A. Zhivondov

Nutrition and Physiology

Lysozyme levels in haemolymph of worker bees (Apis mellifera L.) from bee colonies with different degree of expression of hygienic behaviour
S. Lazarov, I. Zhelyazkova, D. Salkova, R. Shumkova, S. Takova

Production Systems

Study on energy flows of renewable sources for producing hot water on dairy farms
R. Georgiev, K. Peychev, D. Georgiev, R. Slavov, S. Apostolov, J. Ellingsen, J. Tønnesen

Loose smut of barley grown in three types of farming
T. Nedelcheva, V. Maneva

Efficacy and timing of some new products against pear psylla (Cacopsylla pyri L.) (Hemiptera: Psyllidae): I. Spirotetramat
V. Arnaudov

Influence of year`s characteristics and the different fertilization levels on the structural elements of wheat yield
V. Kuneva, R. Bazitov, A. Stoyanova

Grain combines productivity according to various unloading methods – in the field and at the edge of the field
N. Delchev, K. Trendafilov, G. Tihanov, Y. Stoyanov

Agriculture and Environment

Effect of some herbicides on weeds and vines in mother plantation of Cabernet sauvignon
N. Prodanova – Marinova

Influence of foliar herbicides treatment on malting barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) productivity of Emon, Vanessa and Vicky varieties
D. Atanasova, V. Maneva

Selectivity and stability of herbicides and herbicide combinations for the grain yield of maize (Zea Mays L.)
G. Delchev, T. Barakova

Effect of some soil herbicides on vegetative habits of almond trees of ‘Nonpareil’ cultivar grown in a second-year nursery field
Z. Rankova, M. Tityanov

Phytosanitary conditions of the organic field and boundary

D. Atanasova, V. Maneva, N. Grozeva

Product Quality and Safety

Quality traits of eggs from autosexing Easter eggers
H. Lukanov, A. Genchev, A. Pavlov, I. Penchev

Amino acid composition of lamb meat from the North East Bulgarian fine fleece breed and its crossbreds from internal breeding
R. Slavov, G. Mihaylova, St. Ribarski, D. Panayotov, D. Pamukova, D. Dragnev

Some results of evaluation of new-introduced apricot cultivars under conditions of Plovdiv region
V. Bozhkova, M. Nesheva