Еvaluation of perspective sorghum breeding forms in their reaction to some diseases in field conditions

M. Georgieva – Andreeva, K. Tanova, S. Raykov
Abstract. During the period 2009-2010 a phytosanitary evaluation of 17 breeds of sorghum from breeding experiment of Agricultural Institute – Shumen, grown at different density, has taken place. The development of bacterial diseases – bacterial leaf streak and bacterial leaf stripe, fungal leaf blight and non-infectious chlorosis have been reported. Regardless of plant density, the fungal leaf blight develops strongest (from 16% to 34%), with a tendency of increasing in dense sowing. Regarding bacterial leaf streak, the selection materials have shown mediocre resistance with maximum intensity 38% for thin sowing and 36% for dense sowing. The non-infectious chlorosis occurs depending on origin with disease development from 0 to 48%.