Accumulation dynamic of Ruta graveolens L. essential oil

A. Dzhurmanski, G. Zhekova, D. Angelova
Abstract. In the vegetation of rue the content of essential oil in fresh leaves herb doesn’t change and it maintains constant value of 0.1%. However, there are significant changes in content of essential oil of the inflorescence in order of 4-5 times with the lowest values 0.07 -0.1% in stage beginning of blossoming and the highest 0.26-0.49% in stage wax ripeness. Important changes in content of essential oil occurred after the drug drying – it increased to 4-5 times in leaves and inflorescence gathered in stage full blossoming, but in wax ripeness with 2.8 times. The essential oil composition has presented that the main ingredient 2- undecanone increased slightly from 62% in stage full blossoming to 70-73% in stage wax ripeness. In same time 2 – nonanone decreased from 21% to 14%. In some samples gathered in stage wax ripeness has been observed increasing of 2-nonanona to 21%.