Algorithm for determining the type of turns carried out by the unit in shuttle movement in the field while using precision farming systems

K. Trendafilov*

Abstract. An algorithm is proposed in the article that compares all possible variants of shuttle movement of units in the field – all combinations of turns carried out at both ends of the field and directions of turns. The total length of the working and non-working moves of the unit is calculated and on the basis of it the coefficient of use of the working moves is determined. The most appropriate way of moving is the one in which the coefficient is maximum, i.e. it has the highest performance. The use of this algorithm will facilitate the selection of turns and direction of movement of the unit on the field as the whole volume of the computational work will be done by the computer and will avoid the subjective judgements of the operator. The selected type and direction of making turns can be projected on the map of the field with their exact coordinates by connecting the neighbouring working moves. The use of this information in the precision farming systems will allow the movement of the tractor during turning to be fully automated, as working moves are currently made. This will be another step towards the full automation of the performance of agricultural operations and the use of unmanned tractors.