Design and development of a device for measuring vacuum-pulsation parameters of milking unit

G. ineva1*, V. Vlashev1, . Tsanov2

1 epartment of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, Trakia University, 6000 Stara agora, Bulgaria 2Technical College ovech, Technical University (Gabrovo), 5500 ovech, Bulgaria

device for measuring the parameters of the milking units was designed and developed. t also provides for the registration of the following parameters: value of the power vacuum, exerted pressure on an artificial teat, the structural components of pulsogram, vacuum value of milking chamber. The data obtained are submitted and saved on a computer with special software.The measuring device is created with four channels and can be used for the diagnosis of milking units irrespective of the milking installation with which they are assembled. The pressure measured in the artificial teat is an indirect indicator of the effects of milking unit on the udder.