Evaluation of grain yield in advanced lines two-rowed winter barley

M. Dimitrova-Doneva, D. Valcheva, D. Vulchev, B. Dyulgerova*, M. Gotcheva, T. Popova

Abstract. The study was conducted in the period 2009 – 2012 in the experimental field of the Institute of Agriculture, Karnobat, Bulgaria. The aim of this study was to assess the grain yield of 21 advanced lines and to determine the best lines for future varieties or germplasm source for the winter two-row barley breeding program. The results show that from the studied two-row winter barley genotypes with the highest yields were Kt 1200, Kt 3032, Kt 3033 and Kt 325. The correlations between grain yield and grain weight per spike, the grain number per spike and grain weight per spike, and the spike length and 1000 grains weight were significant and positive. The lines Kt 1200, Kt 1241, Kt 3032, Kt 3033 and Kt 326 had a good combination of number of spike/m2 with grain weight per spike, which makes them a valuable germplasm source for breeding programs of two-row barley.