Evaluation on reaction of late maturing maize hybrids and lines to Fusarium ear rot.

M. Haddadi1*, M. Zamani2

1Agricultural and Natural Resources Research Center of Mazandran, Sari, Iran
2Maize and Forage Crops Research Department, Seed and Plant Improvement Institute, Karaj, Iran

Abstract.InordertoevaluateanddetermineresistanceratesofdifferentcorngenotypestoFusariumearrot,22inbredlinesand19 lateandmediummaturity hybrids in 2009 and 17 inbred lines and 14 late and medium maturity hybrids were planted in Qarakheil Agricultural Research Station in 2010. Each line and hybrid were planted separately. For each experiment a randomized complete block design with three replications was used. Plant ears were inoculated by Nail Punch method at the 10th day after anthesis. When the disease symptoms were observed, evaluation of each line and genotype was done based on percentage and severity of the disease symptom. The result in 2009 showed that 14 hybrids were tolerant. Hybrids of K3640/3 X MO17, K166B X K18, K166B X K19/1 and K3547/4 X MO17 were resistant. One hybrid was susceptible. Pure lines of K18 and K LM77007/7-2-6-3-1-2-1 were resistant. 14 tolerance lines and 6 susceptible lines were shown. In 2010 hybrids of K166B X K18 and K3653/2 X K18 were resistant. The other hybrids were tolerant. Pure lines of K3547/3 and K18 were resistant. Five tolerance lines were also shown.