Influence of mineral nitrogen and organic fertilization on the productivity of grain sorghum

S. Enchev*, G. Kikindonov

Agricultural Institute, 9700 Shumen, Bulgaria

Abstract. The production of grain sorghum has increased in recent years. The modern varieties are hybrids with high productivity potential appropriate for application of intensive forage grain production technologies. The increased requirements for ecological production necessitate optimization of the nutrition parameters in the conditions of unstable agriculture with unbalanced soil nutrient substance accumulation. The effect of nutrition with mineral nitrogen fertilizer and organic fertilizer Humustim on the productivity of 6 varieties of Euralis Semences, popular in the practice, was tested during 2011 – 2013. In the various climatic conditions fertilization is a highly effective factor for productivity increase. The use of organic fertilizers such as Humustim widens the possibilities of the ecological production.