Influence of the distillation rate on the quality and quantity of essential oil from Rosa alba L.

A. Dobreva*

Institute of Roses, Essential and Medical Plants, 49 Osvobojdenie, 6100 Kazanlak, Bulgaria

Abstract. The aim of the investigations was to trace the influence of the speed level on the distillation of white oil-bearing rose. Using the methods of direct distillation of fresh rose flowers, it has been found that increasing the pressure and the flow rate of the distillate high yield can be achieved, but deterioration of thequalityoftheessentialoilisobserved.TheoptimalrateofprocessingforRosaalbaL.is8–10%. Inthiswaytheyieldisrisingupto0.02%andthevalueof the ratio of terpene alcohols / hydrocarbons is enhanced up to 0.74.