Organic farming, organic animal husbandry and organic products

І. Varlyakov

Abstract. The review analyses the state and trends for development of organic farming and animal husbandry and organic animal production in particular. The theoretical and legal background – definitions, principles, standards, registers, regulations of organic production in the EC and in our country; the requirements to organic farming including feeds, rearing conditions, breeds, treatments etc.; the prohibitions related to organic animal husbandry are reviewed. A detailed discussion is made on labelling, former and new EC organic logos, the general code number format and the rules regulating the format and function of these codes. The organic animal husbandry in Bulgaria is also reviewed with emphasis on legal initiatives, legal background, market potential, problems faced by producers, future prospects. It is anticipated that in the near future, a decline in the realisation of organic products would occur due to economic and subjective reasons. If prices of foods are mainly determined by free market competition, this would result in a negative impact on the environment and on animal welfare in particular. Only the active national policy and protection EU policies would defend the interests of producers of organic product and public interest in general.