Productive performance and quality of essential oil from oil bearing rose (Rosa damascena mill) for use of oxadiargyl

D. Angelova

Abstract. The survey was conducted during the period 2009 – 2010 at IREMC – Kazanlak. The experiment is set in four iterations at a plantation of roses /R. damascena Mill./. We examined herbicide efficacy and selectivity of oxadiargyl /Raft 400 SC/ applied as soil herbicide before vegetation at a dose of 1,2 l/ha and 1,5 l/ha. It was found that a higher level of performance against annual and perennial weeds is Raft 400 SC applied at a dose of 1,5 l/ha. The herbicide has excellent selectivity for the oil-bearing rose. When using the two concentrations positive and statistically proven differences in production traits were found at P= 5% and P = 1.