Productivity of green beans, irrigated at different pre-irrigation soil moisture

R. Petrova, A. Matev, K. Koumanov, B. Harizanova-Petrova
Abstract. The aim of the study was to establish productivity of green bean, variety “Strike” irrigated at different pre-irrigation soil moisture. The field experiment was conducted during the period 2010 – 2012 on the experimental field of Agricultural University, Plovdiv. The tested variants are as follows: 1) no irrigation; variants 2) 3) 4) and 5) irrigated at soil moisture of 60, 70, 80 and 90% of FC. The irrigation rate for each of the variants is calculated to moisten the soil layer 0-60 cm. The type of irrigation is by gravity on short closed furrow. Summary data showed that without irrigation the average yield is 4248 kg/ha, with a range of 1144 kg/ha in dry years to 8393 kg/ha in medium wet years. Best results are obtained by maintaining soil moisture above/up to 80% of FC, and the yield was more than three times higher than that without irrigation and the mean value is 14805 kg/ha, varying from 12046 kg/ha to 16683 kg/ha.