Reclamation of soil excavated from construction and mine searching areas in Turkey

F. Apaydın

Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Yalova University, Çınarcık Yolu, Yalova, Turkey

(Manuscript received 20 April 2017; accepted for publication 02 June 2017)

Abstract. Soil fundamental for life is a strategic entity for our country like other countries and both the government and institutions and society should make an effort to protect it. On fertile lands for different purposes construction is made and mines are searched and soil on these lands are called excavated soil and in most times lost. In this paper, the main purpose is to analyze the situation of fertile excavation soil and develop suggestions which are believed to be bases for academicians and practitioners. Another significant purpose of this paper is to make suggestions for reclamation of excavated soil. Methods used are observation of construction areas, content analysis of legal arrangements and comprehensive literature review. As a conclusion it is suggested that the mentioned soil should be reclaimed and earned for agriculture by carrying it and spreading it over unfertile land in other parts. In order to put this into practice, it is suggested that “soil protection plan” should be made compulsory for the project owners before starting any kind of construction and mine searching activities to reclaim fertile excavated soil. Some amendments are needed to be done by the politicians.