Usage of cluster analysis for grouping hybrids and evaluation of experimental mutant maize hybrids

M. Ilchovska, I. Ivanova
Abstract. A total of 21 experimental maize hybrids and 3 standards were studied and characterized with regard to the traits: length of the ear, diameter of the ear, number of the rows of the ear, weight of the ear, weight of the grains of the ear, number of the grains in one row of the ear, rate of yield and grain yield. Based on the examined traits, the genotypes are evaluated in their complexity by hierarchical cluster analysis. The genetically close mutant hybrids are grouped into four main clusters presented graphically at the dendrogram. The classification made allows for increasing the objectivity of the evaluation, which results in more complete characterization of the experimental maize hybrids with a view to their more rational use in various selection programs.