Variability of some biologically active compounds of Tribulus terrestris L.

M. Nikolova, A. Ivanova, I. Lazarova, D. Peev, N. Valyovska

Abstract. Three saponins (prodioscin, prototribestin, dioscin) and one flavonoid glycoside (rutin) were identified and quantified of extracts of T. terestris by means of HPLC. The content of these main compounds was analyzed in 22 samples collected from four floristic regions, growing at localities with different ecological conditions. Significant quantitative differences were detected among the samples examined. Cluster analysis was performed on the basis of the data of the studied compounds. The results showed the presence of two main groups. No similar response in the groups concerning growing conditions or different ecological combinations. Some trends in the accumulation of examined compounds were observed depending of the cultivation of the land (arable or not), but they not clearly expressed.