Biotic and abiotic stress roles in drugs production through in vitro approaches
in plants – a review
A. Bakrudeen Ali Ahmed R. Arun Kumar, Muneeb M. Musthafa, Davindran Rajandram, Faiz M.M.T. Marikar

Genetics and Breeding

Association between physiological parameters and yield in Triticum aestivum L. genotypes under
rainfed conditions
İ. Öztürk

Contribution of Parastagonospora nodorum to the leaf and glume blotch of durum wheat in Bulgaria
S. Nedyalkova, Z. Stoyanova, R. Rodeva

Nutrition and Physiology

Productive performance of broiler birds fed Tetrapleura tetraptera fruit meal containing diets
C.E. Ogbonna, U.H. Ukpabi, P.C. Jiwuba, E.B. Onwujiariri

Effect of diets with whey powder on growth and development of Saanen Goat kids
A. Özdemir, M. Yilmaz, A. Çağli, G.S.E. Aşıcı, H. Akçay, K. Çelik

Histology, serum biochemistry and haematological profiles of Clarias gariepinus fed diets containing Luffa cylindrica seedmeal
W.A. Jimoh, M.O. Shittu, A.A. Ayeloja, S.A.Abdulsalami

Production Systems

A study on the hopper unloading duration of the harvesting machine at different technical parameters
G. Tihanov

Evaluation of new mathematical models for estimation of single olive leaves area
M.A. Mhanna

Еconomic analysis of meat production from two types of Domestic quails
H. Lukanov, I. Pavlova

Agriculture and Environment

Spectral analysis as an extra method to soil type discrimination
M.Todorova, S. Atanassova, M. Georgiev, L. Pleshkuza

Fall Armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae): A recent threat and future management strategy in Nepal
S. Gahatraj, S. Tiwari, S. Sharma, L. Kafle

Machine learning model for estimating agricultural crop insurance payout based on air temperature, rainfall, and relative humidity
K.P. Mangani, R. Kousalya

Product Quality and Safety

Influence of variety endosperm type and seed moisture content on threshability and mechanical damage of sorghum seeds
W.M. Muiru, P.L. Fabiola, D. Mbuge, L. M’Ragwa, S.L. Kimaru

Dynamics of rice sub-sector in Nepal: Research investment, production, and supply chain
R. Pandit, D. Devkota, N.R. Devkota, P.C. Bhattarai, H.K. Shrestha

Membership in association, gender and adoption of land-enhancing technologies among arable farmers in Ogun state, Nigeria
R. Adeyemo, A.D. Kehinde