Genetics and Breeding

Correlations between grain yield and related traits in winter wheat under multi-environmental traits
N. Tsenov, T. Gubatov, I. Yanchev

Morphological characterization and genetic analysis in bread wheat germplasm: A combined study of heritability, genetic variance, genetic divergence and association of characters
G. Gerema, D. Lule, F. Lemessa, T. Mekonnen

Characterization of testicular and epididymal parameters in Algerian Arabia bucks
N.A. Ouchene-Khelifi, N. Ouchene, A. Dahmani

Nutrition and Physiology

Effect of Gmelia leaf meal diets on productive and physiological parameters of West African dwarf goats
P.C. Jiwuba, W.N. Amaduronye, R.C. Akazue

Productive traits, blood biochemical parameters and meat quality of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss W.) fed with supplement of nutmeg extract (Myristica fragrans)
Ts. Stoev, G. Zhelyazkov

Production Systems

Operational characteristics of direct sowing machine-tractor unit
G. Tihanov

Evapotranspiration in Sudan grass second culture grown under non – irrigated and optimal irrigated conditions
R. Bazitov

Agriculture and Environment

Species composition and density of weeds in a grain maize crop depending of soil tillage
P. Yankov, M. Drumeva

Vulnerability of sweet cherry cultivars to continuous periods of spring frosts in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
S. Malchev, S. Savchovska

Product Quality and Safety

Influence of Panamin Animal and Panamin Detox on milk coagulation properties of dairy cows
D. Yordanova, T. Angelova, J. Krastanov, D. Miteva, V. Karabashev, G. Kalaydzhiev

Antimicrobial activity of lactic acid bacteria isolated from garri on Escherichia coli strains isolated from clinical and environmental samples
H.I. Atta, A. Gimba, T. Bamgbose

Symbiotic effect on some microbiological species and physicochemical properties in milk in subclinical mastitis of dairy cows
I. Abdennebi, C.R. Messai, N. Ouchene, N.A. Ouchene-khelifi, l. Ghallache, K. Ait-Oudhia,

Diversity of Lactobacillus microflora in homemade raw sausages during the ripening
S. Stojanovski, G. Cilev, B. Trajanoska, K. Stamatova-Yovcheva, D. Yovchev

Agricultural Economics

Effect of clinical mastitis at Holstein-Friesian cows on the farm economic efficiency
K. Stankov

Influence of age at first insemination and first calving in Holstein – Friesian heifers on farm economic efficiency
K. Stankov

Estimation of efficiency and transportation cost as factors in cereal marketing in a typical rural Nigeria
M.R. Ja’afar-Furo, Y. Yohanna, A. Sulaiman, A. Abdullahi