Volume 14, Number 1, March 2022


Drought stress and its management in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.): a review
B. Sharma, L. Yadav, A. Shrestha, S. Shrestha, M. Subedi, S. Subedi, J. Shrestha

Genetics and Breeding

Estimation of environmental effects on test day milk yield in Patch-faced Maritza sheep
P. Zhelyazkova, D. Dimov

Qualitative evaluation of the norm of reaction of Bulgarian and foreign cotton cultivars
N. Valkova, M. Koleva

Evaluation of elite sugarcane clones/varieties against red rot disease (Colletotrichum falcatum) and their suitability in crop improvement programme
G. Mahata, S. Sardar

Nutrition and Physiology

Evaluation of effect of Mycotox® binder supplementation on production parameters in induced aflatoxicosis in Pekin ducks
I. Valchev, K. Stojanchev, R. Binev

Natural Diet of the Common Cuttlefish, Sepia officinalis (Linnaeus, 1758) off Lagos Coast, Nigeria
T.F. Oluboba, A.O. Lawal-Are

Reference intervals and physiological variations of the macro-mineral plasma concentrations in Ouled Djellal ewes
A. Boudebza, M.C. Abdeldjelil, N. Arzour-Lakhel, N. Lakhdara

Production Systems

Sowing characteristics of the durum wheat seeds (Triticum durum Desf.) by use of some antigraminaceous and combined herbicides
G. Delchev

Agriculture and Environment

Reduced egg hatch and increased juvenile mortality of potato cyst nematode (Globodera spp.) post in-vitro treatment with plant extracts
Miriam Wanjiku Mbiyu, William Maina Muiru, John Wangai Kimenju1, Moses Wabomba Nyongesa, Solveig Haukeland96

Hygienic behavior and fat body development in worker bees (Apis mellifera L.)
S. Lazarov, I. Zhelyazkova

Isolation and molecular characterization of domestic Bradyrhizobium species from soybean roots in the savannah soil of Nigeria
Z. Ishaq, D.A. Machido, H.I. Atta

Product Quality and Safety

Functional potential of the edible portion in wild and cultured crabs
R.O. Moruf

Short Communication

Agriculture farming extension model for analysing climate change adaptation: A case study of Sri Lankan farmers
M. M. Mustafa, M.B. Baig, F. M.M.T Marikar