Genetics and Breeding

Effect of the age at first calving on test day production traits in black-and-white cows

Zh. Gergovska

Egg Production Potential of Manchurian Golden Quail Breeders

A. Genchev

Variability and stability of yield and quality of grain of several bread wheat cultivars

N. Tsenov, I. Stoeva, T. Gubatov, V. Peeva

Productive and quality characteristics of brown cotton

A. Stoilova, I. Saldzhiev , Zh. Terziev

Superovulation and embryo transfer in goats by using PMSG and FSH

A. Pampukidou, T. Alifakiotis, M. Avdi, R. Ivanova

Nutrition and Physiology

Effect of dietary amino acid concentration on nitrogen balance in PIC hybrid pigs

A. Ilchev, G. Ganchev

Comparative studies on some parameters of innate resistance and metabolic profile of sheep and their offspring depending on the ration

B. Bivolarski, Е. Vachkova, S. Laleva, P. Slavova, I. Ivanov

Behaviour of cows in milking parlour

I. Varlyakov, V. Radev, Т. Slavov, N. Grigorova

Production Systems

Feeding value of spring vetch (Vicia sativa L.) influenced by preparations with different biological effect

Y. Naydenova, N. Georgieva, I. Nikolova,

Impact of mixtures between retardants and combined herbicides on the sowing properties of the durum wheat

G. Delchev

Profile of lavender oil from second harvest

G. Zhekova, N. Nedkov

Essential oil content and composition of Thyme “German winter”

G. Zhekova, A. Dzhurmanski, M. Nikolova

Effect of agronomy factors on the cooking properties of lentil seeds (Lens culinaris Medic L.)

G. Milev

Comparative study of different varieties of red clover in Bulgarian conditions

Ts. Mihovski, B. Chourcova, D. Mitev

Study on the level of generated vacuum in the teat cup milking chamber as a factor for assessing liner suitability

V. Vlashev, G. Dineva

Agriculture and Environment

Content of heavy metals and metalloids in bees and bee products from areas with different degree of anthropogenic impact

I. Zhelyazkova, S. Atanasova, V. Barakova, G. Mihaylova

Species composition of weeds in wheat and barley

M. Georgiev, D. Pavlov, G. Beev, M. Gerdzikova, R. Bazitov

Variability of some biologically active compounds of Tribulus terrestris L.

M. Nikolova, A. Ivanova, I. Lazarova, D. Peev, N. Valyovska

Organic matter status in reclaimed Technosols of Bulgaria

V. Tsolova, M. Banov

Product Quality and Safety

Use of nearinfrared spectroscopy technology with a remote reflectance fibre-optic probe for predicting of trace elements contents in tobacco

L. Dospatliev, S. Atanassova

Occurrence and Distribution of Fusarium species in Wheat Grain

G. Beev, S. Denev, D. Pavlov

Influence the acidity level on yield and chemical composition of essential oil from Rosa damascena Mill.

A. Dobreva

Soil moisture distribution in the soil profile in terms of two soil types

A. Stoyanova, M. Todorova

Slaughtering analysis and chemical composition of rabbits – hybrids

A.Kuzelov, E. Atanasova, T. Angelkova

Grain sample quality assessment using Intechn and Unscrambler platforms

M. Mladenov, Ts. Draganova, R. Tsenkova