Genetics and Breeding

Production potential of new triticale varieties grown in the region of Dobrudzha

A. Ivanova, N. Tsenov

Resistance of Bulgarian tomato varieties to the races of Xanthomonas vesicatoria

K. Aleksandrova, D. Ganeva, N. Bogatzevska

Evaluation of the combining ability for yield of grain of middle early maize lines

V. Valkova, N. Petrovska

Nutrition and Physiology

Effects of aflatoxin В1 on production traits, humoral immune response and immunocompetent organs in broiler chickens
I. Valchev, I. Zarkov, N. Grozeva, Y. Nikolov

Effect of linseed and sunflower oil supplementation in the diet on the growth performance in carp (Cyprinus carpio L.), cultivated in recirculating system
G. Zhelyazkov, Y. Staykov, G. Nikolov

Pharmacokinetics of some inorganic and organic zinc compounds in broiler chickens

S. Ivanova, D. Dimitrova, М. Petrichev, L. Parvanova, G. Kalistratov, L. Vezenkov

Seasonal changes in fatty acid composition and fat soluble vitamins content of grass carp and common carp
D. Dobreva, A. Merdzhanova, L. Makedonski, M. Stancheva

Effect of herd and number of lactation on milking temperament score in Black-and-White cows

I. Marinov, I. Slaveva, Zh. Gergovska

Effects of different dietary nitrogen sources on duodenal chyme parameters in yearling sheep

T. Slavov, V. Radev, R. Mihaylov, I. Varlyakov

Production Systems

Growing of common carp fingerlings in net cages at different stoking densities

Y. Staykov, S. Stoyanova

Cold and winter resistances of different oilseed canola hybrids and possibilities for reseeding of damaged by frost crops

G. Delchev

Efficiency and selectivity of some herbicides on winter oilseed rape

M. Dimitrova, I. Zhalnov, D. Stoychev

Effect of the date of application of a set of herbicides in common winter wheat crops on weed infestation

Z. Petrova, G. Sabev

Influence of the wooden filings on some soil indicators of the apple plant in a stoolbed

R. Popova, G. Dobrevska, H. Djugalov, A. Matev, L. Dospatliev, A. Stoyanova

Effect of the length of the interstock on the growth and reproductive aspects of sweet cherry cultivar Biggareau Burlat

P. Kaymakanov

Soil acidity and content of the available N, P and K in the region of south Dobrudzha

M. Nankova, I. Iliev, N. Nankov, G. Milev

Efficacy and selectivity of herbicides and herbicide combinations at winter oilseed canola, grown by conventional and Clearfield technologies

G. Delchev

Influence of the methods of propagation on persimmon fruit tree producing

A. Yordanov, S. Tabakov, G. Dobrevska

Agriculture and Environment

Agroecological assessment of wastewater and sludge from Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant by content nutrient inputs

G. Kostadinova, D. Dermendjieva, G. Petkov, J. Gotchev

Evaluation of porcine claw horn health

T. Penev, V. Katsarov

Effect of different nitrogen sources on growth of microalgae Chlorella vulgaris cultivation in aquaculture wastewater

К. Velichkova

Vertical distribution of foliar pathogens on wheat

R. Rodeva, Z. Stoyanova, S. Nedyalkova, M. Pastirčák, M. Hudcovicova

Septoria/Stagonospora diseases of durum wheat (Triticum durum) in Bulgaria

R. Rodeva, S. Nedyalkova, Z. Stoyanova

Product Quality and Safety

Fatty acids profile, atherogenic and thrombogenic health indices of white brined cheese made from buffalo milk

N. Naydenova, I. Kaishev, T. Iliev, G. Mihaylova

Influence of the temperature for distillation on the yield and quality of the Rosa alba

L. essential oil A. Dobreva

Fatty acid composition of backfat during frozen storage in pigs fed vitamin E supplemented diet

T. Popova

Toxic and essential metal concentration of freshwater fishes from Pyasachnik Dam, Bulgaria

K. Peycheva, V. Panayotova, l. Makedonski, M. Stancheva

Morphological, reproductive manifestations and chemical composition of tomato varieties for greenhouse production

N. Valchev, G. Pevicharova